Foundation Training

All Training starts with a good foundation, to build a better future for the ones we love

The dog foundation program is a training program for dogs that provides the foundation for their lives and their behavior. It helps to teach your dog how to behave in public, how to listen and how to be a good companion. .The program also helps to reduce the amount of barking and nuisance behaviors, such as jumping and lunging at visitors or people in the backyard.

Our program is designed to be completed in one day but it can take anywhere from one week up to six weeks depending on the individual dog, its personality, and the environment it’s living in. The foundation program is for dogs that are reactive, shy, or fearful. It includes teaching the dog to work through fear and perform in a public environment.

The goal of this program is not just training your dog but also learning about yourself as a trainer and what you want out of life. .This program is for the person that wants to have a great time with their dog and also learn about what they want in life. What it’s like to do this program: Dogs go to a daycare and there is no homework! We offer homework, but it’s optional. This is a fun program that offers the opportunity for you to learn about your dog and what makes them happy.

Dog foundation program teaches dogs basic manners such as coming when called, sitting, and staying. The program also includes an etiquette list that can be used to help teach your dog good behavior and the list of what not to do around other dogs .If you have a new dog or puppy, the training program may help you teach your dog manners and obedience.

we introduce foundation training programs for dogs.

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