Dog Training

Provides 24-hour care, training and socialization, Also providing intensive instruction, guidance and support for you and your puppy.

How can I help you?

  • Behavioral help
    Staying at home during quarantine is stressful not only for humans. Your dog also needs to get accustomed to the novel conditions. The higher levels of stress may result in nervous reactions. I can help you handle your dog. Contact me for a safe pick up of your pet or set up an online consulting meeting.

Dog Evaluation

Years spent on evaluation and selection of puppies taught me to spot the subtle differences between dogs. I developed my own system of measuring dog parameters. Through a series of tests performed while observing the dog’s behavior in his everyday habitat, I perform a systematic assessment. During the process, I judge how nervous and reactive the dog is, and what are its instinctual reactions. By getting to know the individual psychology of the dog, I can foresee the possible problems that the owner may encounter further down the road. My approach to dog problems is based on prevention. I always try to provide the dog owners with all the knowledge they need to make responsible decisions.

    Our Testimonials

    Paul was easy to work with regarding pick up and drop off. He is a very pleasant person and his dog Mayse was a perfect match for our Ruby. (both female Labs) She was in good hands for an overnight stay.

    Linore W.

    Paul was great. My dog wasn’t feeling well and it was nice to know she was in good hands while we were gone! Thanks Paul! Hopefully next time she can go swimming with you!

    Suzanne S.

    Paul was wonderful with our 5-month old lab puppy. The set-up at his place is a dog wonderland, and Paul is a remarkable dog handler. I highly recommend Paul and will make reservations with him in the future. Cheers!

    Heather H.

    Canine Communication: Identifying Dog’s Body Language

    Dogs require a dog language to communicate as they are social animals living in packs. Dogs use a set of standard signals to communicate with one another. Since dogs cannot speak, their "language" consists of other signs, largely body language, such as movement and...

    Tips for Hiking with Your Dog

    If you're like most dog owners, you love taking your furry friend on outdoor adventures. Dogs love the outdoors and get excited to explore new places. But dogs can be unpredictable, so it's important to ensure you're prepared for any emergency. Hiking with your dog...

    Tips for Keeping Fearful Dogs Safe

    1. Recognize that the dog is fearful The first step is, of course, to recognize the dog is fearful in the first place. If you know that already, well done for recognizing the signs. Hopefully, you will find the following tips helpful. If you aren't sure, you might...

    Reactive Behaviors in Dogs

    Aggression is not reactivity. Reactivity can appear aggressive in nature when your dog is barking and lunging when on a leash, but there is no intent to cause injury. Aggression indicates the desire to cause harm. Due to the fact that reactivity is simply your dog's...

    Canine enrichment: What is it?

    Our dogs have been bred to work, but they don't put forth enough effort these days! Working your dog's nose and brain during enrichment will give them the daily mental stimulation they require. How does Canine Enrichment benefit your dog or cat? Reduces anxiety and...

    Adopting a Dog-Buyer Awareness

    How to Adopt the Right Dog for You Letting your emotions take over at the shelter is the absolute wrong way to go about adopting a dog.No dog is “right” or “wrong.” However, there is probably a “right” or “wrong” dog for you and your lifestyle.A fearful, traumatized...

    Dog Aggression and Classification

    Dealing with Aggression Difficult Dogs that are not easy to handle.Learn from the most experienced evaluatorDomination issuesAccording to scientific research, dog aggression is not rooted in dominance behavior or the owner’s lack of “alpha” status.Most aggressive...


    In the February issue, which will be in mailboxes and online soon, we have an article about a new model for communities looking to improve the practices and policies adopted by their local animal shelters and rescue groups. The new model has been called “Socially...


    Newest neuroscience research shows that dog breeds are different not only in terms of their size, shape, and fur. They literally have different brains. Through the process of selective breeding, humans have altered the brain circuitry of their companions. To...


    Smart, loyal, and confident, German Shepherds are often chosen as a pet for the feeling of safety they bring to the house. Even walking through a dangerous neighborhood is not scary anymore when you have a strong, wolf-looking dog on a leash. But the same protective...