Rare Breed And K9 Experience

My Grandmother Shaefer is Dutch and her last name means Shepherd, oddly without even knowing I became the Shepherd guy. I love all types and have raised Australian Blue Heelers and German Shepherds but have to say A Mcnabb is probably my favorite dog over the years. My first Job as a volunteer for the Santa Cruz Police department training center also gave me experience with more than a few types of working protection dogs.

My second job was with the Davern Family who raises Yellow labrador retrievers which was at Santa Cruz Pet Resort in 1995.

Stonewood Poodles 2000 to 2021

German Shepherd Kromerhund Club 1995 to 2015

Northern California Labrador Rescue 2007 to 2016

Milo Foundation 2003 to 2021

Maddys Fund

Second Chance Animal Rescue “Dogs from China”

Herd it thru the Grapevine

Breeds as a Trainer I have worked with

    • Dutch Shepherds
    • English Shepherds
    • Alsatian Sheep Dogs
    • Shilo Shepherds
    • German Shepherds
    • Macnabbs
    • Austrailian Shepherds
    • Blue Heelers
    • Australian Cattle Dogs
    • Border Collies
    • Miniature Aussies
    • Belgian Sheep Dogs
    • Malinois
    • Beaucerons
    • Briards
    • African Ridgeback
    • Whippets
    • Grey Hounds
    • Hanoverian Farm Dog
    • Leon Berger
    • Alaskan Klee Kai
    • Akita
    • Husky
    • Malamute
    • Wolf Hybrid
    • Reservation Dogs, American Dingo
    • Dogs from China-Formosan Mountain Dog and Mixes
    • Pyrenees
    • Louellen Setters
    • Portuguese Water Dogs
    • Large Breeds
    • English Mastiff
    • Bull Mastiff
    • Cane Corso
    • Boerboel
    • Puggles
    • French Bull Dogs
    • English Bull Dogs
    • Jack Russel Terrier
    • Staffordshire Terrier
    • American Pit Bull Terrier
    • American Bull Dogs
    • Catahoula Leopard Dogs
    • Catch Dogs and Mixes
    • Sharpei
    • Brittney Spaniel
    • Boxer
    • Doberman
    • New Foundland
    • Vizsla
    • Alaskan Eskimo Dog
    • Designer Dogs
    • Golden Doodles
    • Labra Doodles
    • Berna Doodles