Behavior Program

$800 to join program (enrollment requirements*)

One of the most fulfilling experiences in one’s life is owning a dog. However, they do exhibit a number of behavioral issues, which can be troublesome. These issues are the consequence of inadequate training and understanding of how dogs typically respond and act.

Our adaptable, personalized program is created especially for you to support your aims while also addressing the particular behavioral requirements of your dog. It is a 6-week long course that covers the basics of dog behavior to give your puppy a jumpstart on their training. During the initial 3 weeks, we focus on teaching the owners about dog behaviors.

The program consists of kinds of instruction that involves applying positive attention to teach and coach the dog to carry out good behavior. Getting your dog trained in a behavior program is basically teaching the dog how to act properly in every condition. We help both you and your dog live happier and more peaceful lives.