Puppy Foundation Program


Is your life being devastated by your new puppy? Are you confused about what to do with those fangs? Is your dog always whimpering in the crate and refusing to be left unattended, even for a brief period of time? Terrified of anything and everything?

Now Imagine a puppy that has overcome all the behavioral issues!

Your pup will instantly sit after completing the Puppy Foundation Program when it requests to be picked up or petted. They will sleep peacefully and easily in a crate. They will actually listen to you, know where they need to pee and understand where it is and it is not acceptable to place their fangs. They will be unaffected by the sights and noises of their surroundings, such as doorbells, vacuum cleaners, automobiles, motorcycles, and humans since they start safe socialization at the right age. You and your families can also learn how to engage with your puppy and correct misbehavior.