Puppy Evaluations


Every puppy is unique, and your dog’s environment has an impact on how they behave. Identifying a dog’s potential helps match it with the ideal parent and helps owners pick the best match. There are a variety of behaviors, and some puppies might either be more extroverted or more guarded; some are aggressive or violent.

Puppy evaluations are essential for matching the pup with the best household! It can be completed in the convenience of your home. Tests must be performed when a puppy is around 6 and 8 weeks old. Puppies change daily. Therefore we also advise performing an evaluation at 4 weeks old, followed by a re-evaluation at six to eight weeks old.

Throughout this evaluation, we ensure to evaluate each puppy’s attitude, behavioral pattern, touch responsiveness, noise sensitivity, movement, and all other traits. After the evaluation is finished, we also offer consults to support the training process.